The soothing cool spicy flavours of Busha Browne chutneys with fresh fruit and spices are traditionally part of a healthy meal because they not only add delicious taste but they help aid nutrition and improve the digestion.

Indispensable in gourmet cuisines for awakening the appetite, chutneys can range in flavor, textures, and ingredients. Jellies are exotic in taste without the fat. They may also be called relish, condiments salsas, dips.

What are Chutneys?

Chutney comes from the Hindu word "chatni," meaning "for licking" as in savoring or relishing an appetizing flavor or pleasing taste. The art of making chutneys dates back hundreds of years.

A condiment of Indian origin, chutney is a kind of tangy sweet pickle usually served as an accompaniment to curries, hot and cold meats and savouries. There are many varieties, all based on chopped fruit and vegetables, sugar and vinegar.

Chutneys go with everything - fish, roast beef sandwiches, grilled chicken and meats, pappadums and even tortilla chips. They add an extra dimension to meals and will satisfy the the taste buds and make meals more tasty.