Spicy Fruit Chutney

Sun-ripened Jamaican bananas based spicy chutney...

A chunky fruit chutney combining mangoes, ginger and spices. Delicious served with curries, pot roast and baked ham. Also excellent with cold meats or cheese, especially English Stilton. A traditional Jamaican dish.

Spicy Fruit Chutney is positively Addictive. Try adding it to your favourite meat Sandwich or put a good dollop vanilla ice cream. Both Chutneys marry intriguingly with an aged cheddar or other traditional cheeses.

We're happy that more and more people, both here and abroad, are discovering the gourmet and versatile excellence of Busha Browne's splendid range of Chutneys.


Health Index

All natural, Sodium free, No preservatives, Fresh produce, 68% Fruit, Low sugar.

Recipe - Grilled Cheese & Spicy Fruit Chutney

Busha Browne's Spicy Fruit Chutney is excellent when added to recipes for interest or used in sandwiches.


Spread outside of bread with butter. Lay down layer of farmhouse cheddar and top with a layer of Spicy Fruit Chutney. Complete with a final layer of farmhouse cheddar and top wit bread. Place into a large pre-heated skillet with additional butter. Flip when golden brown and cheese has begun to melt. Cook until both sides are golden and cheese is thoroughly melted.