Original Banana Chutney

Sun-ripened Jamaican bananas based spicy chutney...

A spicy chutney based on our sun-ripened Jamaican bananas. It is delicious served with Indian curries or cold meats And makes a traditional accompaniment to traditional cheeses, especially a mature cheddar.

Versatile as a topping over vanilla icescream or introduced into plain yogurt. Surprisingly addictive. At Busha Browne we use the finest and freshest fruits and vegetables only.


Health Index

All natural, Sodium free, No preservatives, Fresh produce, 70% Fruit Low sugar.

Recipe - Chutney & Love-Apple Dip Recipe

Busha Browne's Banana Chutney adds the finishing touch to curries or stews and are superb with cold meats, poultry or game.

Combine the Banana Chutney, the Spicy Tomato Sauce and the Pukka Sauce. In a separate bowl mix the curry powder with the sour cream. Combine the two mixtures together to make a superb dip for crudites, Miniature Meat Quenelles, and much more.