How to Use Our Products

How to Use Our ProductsBusha Browne's products complement many styles of international cuisine, as well as recipes from Jamaica's culinary traditions. All natural, no preservatives, low in sodium, Busha Browne's products can be used in varied ways to bring new taste and flavour to your table.

In the Kitchen, at the Table, on the Grille, in Gifting, Busha Browne's products will enhance the enjoyment of what you, your family and friends experience. Busha Browne's invites you to try the following suggestions:

Baking - ideal oven temperature ranges from 300 to 450 °F (149 to 232 °C). Cooking of foods made from a batter or dough. Such foods include breads, cakes, cookies, and pastries. However, casseroles, a few vegetables and fruits, and some cuts of meats can also be baked.

Roasting - cooking of meat. For example, a turkey or a leg of lamb is roasted. In roasting, the meat can be placed on a rack in a shallow pan and cooked uncovered in an oven. The temperature should range from 300 to 350 °F (149 to 177 °C).

Broiling and Grilling - the food lies directly over/under a continuous heat source. Meat can be broiled by placing it on a rack in a shallow broile pan. The surface of the meat lies 3 to 5 inches (8 to 13 centimeters) under the flames in a gas range broiler or below the broiler heating unit in an electric oven. Leave the door open slightly when broiling in an electric oven to prevent the air in the oven from becoming too hot.

Barbecuing - highly seasoned meat can be grilled over hot coals. In panbroiling, the meat cooks in a skillet over a burner. The fat that melts from the meat is poured out of the pan as it accumulates.

Frying - In deep-frying, a large amount of fatcan be used and heated to about 350 °F (177 °C) in a heavy saucepan or an electric appliance, a good way of cooking chicken, French fried potatoes, and shrimp and fish. In pan frying/sautéing, the food cooks in a small amount of fat, usually in a skillet. Chicken, eggs, fish, and red meat can be pan fried. In stir-frying, meat or vegetables cook in a skillet or in a wok, The food can be cut into small pieces and cooked in an extremely small amount of fat. The cook fries the food at a high temperature for only a few minutes and stirs it constantly with a tossing motion.

Boiling - ideally has a temperature of about 212 °F (100 °C). Good for Potatoes and other vegetables using a sauce pan over a burner.

Simmering -Such foods as eggs and meats should be simmered rather than boiled. Use covered saucepans to simmer foods. Use caution when using a slow cooker for meat and other foods prone to bacterial growth at warm temperatures. Use sanitary methods in preparing the food and keep it refrigerated until just before cooking.

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